About Us


About Us

Baking Since 1978


Pink Elephant Bakery has been a family owned business that has provided the community with authentic Pan Dulce and Cakes for all occasions. Our freshly baked Pan Dulce has been part of family dinner tables, get-togethers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and community events.

Our bakers strive to bake not only with their hands but with their hearts as well. Whether it is putting together the perfect mix of fresh ingredients or optimal baking time, we pride ourselves on creating a truly unique bread every time we bake, from the color, to the texture, to the shape. Pink Elephant Bakery uses only the highest quality ingredients to produce the best product possible. Rest assured whether you buy our fluffy Bolillos – perfect for sandwiches, our Flan or our popular Tres Leches Cake, you will always taste the authentic cultural flavor in each bite.

Open Daily At 5am!

For years we’ve helped our customers get their day started with a freshly baked Pan Dulce, accompanied with our delicious hot cafec├Čto, hot chocolate or canela in the mornings. It’s a perfect traditional way to start out the day!

Our friendly staff looks forward to seeing our new and existing customers! We’re open daily Monday through Sunday from 5am to 10pm.

We thank you, our valued customers for your loyalty throughout the past 34 years. We are honored and delighted to serve your families from generation to generation and Pink Elephant Bakery looks forward to sweetening your life for many more years!

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